Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012...Thank goodness

Yes, it's that time of year again when you revisit last year (which kinda sucked) and set intentions for the new year. Note that I said intention not goal.  That is my way of not setting myself up for failure...not putting on pressure.  Who needs it?

2011 (the good and bad):
  • Spent half of the year sick...much better now.
  • After 7 months of yoga, 12 months of chiropractic care, and a cortisone injection, my back is feeling much better.
  • Knit 7 miles of yarn.
  • Bought a spinning wheel and still trying to decide if spinning is for me or not.  I have definitely improved but still learning.
  • Adopted a new dog, Juno who we love dearly (photo below). Henry loves her too but not so sure about sharing a chair.
  • Attended my first fiber fairs.  Loved SAFF!
So onto the knitting intentions: 
  • Less random yarn buying...trying to use more of stash
  • No deadline knitting...the only exception is for SSK knit retreat KAL
  • Release sock pattern I have finished (not sure why I haven't done this yet)
  • Less time on Ravelry....this is a hard one but I find that too much time results in joining too many KAL's and knitting too many things I don't need.
  • Knit more sweaters
Non knitting intentions:
  • Less frivolous spending. This is usually done when the teenagers are whining at me.  I will be stronger! 
  • Exercise outside my comfort zone.  I love my yoga classes but I need to try some other types...will start out with Toning and before end of year hope to try Zumba.
  • Read more.  Hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday last week and I love it. It's loaded with books and knitting patterns already. Will read before knitting.
  • Work on healthier family eating....especially during volleyball season when we normally eat out too often.
  • Have more fun with my camera.  Take classes.  I got a Nikon D3000 last Christmas and while it's been used, I really haven't played with it like I intended to. 
  • Blog more.