Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We were finally able to take a quick but needed vacation. We escaped to Blowing Rock. A town right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of N. Carolina. The colors were almost peak. It was beautiful. We visited a 100 year old apple orchard, a winery, went to an Oktoberfest, did some hiking, did lots of driving on the parkway, and took the kids to a small amusement park called Tweetsie Railroad. We went to their Ghost Train night and scared the pants of the girls. The final thing my family did (I didn't) was cross Grandfather Bridge (last photo). This is a swinging bridge built over a gap a mile up Grandfather Mountain. I'm scared of heights and while I wanted to do it with my family I just couldn't. I sat and watched them with my heart racing. Completely irrational...however, I was not the only one. I watched a lot of men and women take a few steps out on it and turn right back around. So me and "my people" hung out waiting for our love ones to come back. All in all a great relaxing weekend. No one wanted to come home. Even the girls asked if we could move there.

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  1. Sweetie, that's not irrational. Locals built that bridge. Brrrr. I shiver to think about it.
    Grew up there, never crossed to the other side. Never felt like I missed anything, either.