Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls Weekend

I escaped this last weekend to Vermont for a long girls weekend. A much needed vacation. My flights were great. The food was great. Burlington warmed up for my arrival...63 degrees in November! It was nice to visit and see old friends. I learned a lot this trip...

What I learned this last weekend in Vermont...

1. Extreme ping pong can be dangerous.
2. Geocaching is fun and is now my new hobby.
3. You can burn your finger if the battery cap is not on.
4. Not having children is very good for your chest.
5. Running uphill = hitchhiking
6. The MamaMia soundtrack really riles women up.
7. The "flagshop" is very busy on a Sunday afternooon.

I'm sure I learned more...and I apologize to those reading this who have no idea what the heck I'm talking about...but those who do will appreciate this.


  1. It's bizarre. I call it the "Mamma Mia Effect". I makes you want to shake your booty and sing along.

  2. OMG!! (BTW I found a whole new roll of electrical tape!! yee haw)