Monday, December 1, 2008

Almost done!

I set a goal this year to be done with my Xmas shopping by Dec. 1 so I could just knit, craft, and cook the remainder of the pressure. I didn't hit the goal perfectly but by Wednesday I will be done. YEAH ME! Earlier in November I canned all my holiday knitting and now I can knit without pressure. Knitted gifts will be extras. If I finish they will be given at Xmas otherwise they will be a "just cause" gift later.

In between my shopping, I found time to make this guy. The kids have officially named him Sven Vanderhoodle. Quick and fun other than all the sewing up....not my favorite thing to do. But he was worth it.

Lastly I was tagged by my friend Serena to list 7 things I love. I've gone beyond the obvious of friends, family and my dogs.

1. I love homemade mac and cheese on a cold day.
2. I love watching my husband taking something simple and "teching" it out.
3. I love laughing so hard you cry.
4. I love that my entire family enjoys geocaching and that the kids beg every day to do some more.
5. I love white frosted Xmas cookies. (can you tell I'm hungry?)
6. I love to pet yarn...especially Malabrigo.
7. I love curling up on the couch with my husband and yarn (of course). Xmas tree lit and fireplace going.

One extra....this weekend I bought Pictionary for us all to play. I did not buy the kids version even though I have a 9 year old. We let her decide if she could draw a word or not. We didn't expect much from her...and then she amazed us all. She was fabulous at it. And if you didn't guess what she was writing and then she told you what it was you were shocked you didn't get it. Her drawings were simple. And after she drew the picture sometimes she just sat there wondering how stupid you were. One of our favorites that my husband did not guess was Red Meat. She drew a blob with a circle (bone) in the middle and then drew a cow. Makes perfect sense, right?! This caused me to do number 3 above. I love that kid!


  1. ...must pay more attention. When you said that caused you to do number 3, I sat and thought, "I know what number one and number two are...what's number 3????"

    We Love, Love, Love pictionary. Must have a game night sometime soon.

  2. Love your Sven! I haven;t thought about Pictionary in years - used to play that game all the time...maybe should pick it up whenever I get to starting my Christmas shopping. ;)