Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Early last week I decided to "free" my yarn stash from the plastic tubs I store it in and display it on a shelf.  While sorting it all I realized (guiltily admitted) I had a lot of single skeins, as I suspect some of you have.  I began to play in my stash and look to match up skeins for multi-colored projects.

These are Hazel Knits and Leading Men Fiber Arts. This pair is destined to be a Mormorio.  I've wanted to knit this shawl for awhile and I had tried previously with other yarn and didn't like my choice.  I think the gauge of these yarns is perfect for that pattern.

These yarns I bought for 2 separate projects but then decided almost immediately that I didn't want to knit either.  These yarns are both light fingering weight and shiny and beautiful! The brown is Anzula Milky Way and the blue is Miss Babs Tarte. I love blue and brown together so I hope to eventually make a sweater with them but no idea which one yet.

The multicolored yarn from NeverEnoughThyme was a complete impulse buy on Etsy at a time when I was NOT buying variegated yarn.  I just had to have it and I still love it.  A friend recently showed me the Therapy Shawl and also gave me this solid purple yarn,  so I think I may make the shawl with these two but I don't know.  What do you think?

This set is Leading Men Fiber Arts that I received in my goody bag from Zombie Knitpocalypse this year and some Knit Picks I bought to dye.  I think they look great together as well and not sure what to make with it all.

Lots of potential in my stash.  Lots of future knitting to dream about.

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