Friday, July 25, 2008

And then there was two...

Meet Lily. Henry's new sister. He is very much in love with her already. He doesn't mind sharing his toys, his owners, or anything else for that matter. She is 18 months and we are her second owners. She is a fabulous dog and we feel lucky to have her.

Lily is a lady. She prances instead of pouncing. She greets you nicely instead of jumping on you. She doesn't pee on my bushes, like someone else we know. And she lets Henry be the least most of the time. A true lady.

On another note. The blog disappeared for a while after a minor glitch involving me deleting my blog instead of the other one my daughter and I were working on. I thought what the heck, I haven't done much with it lately, but now I miss it. I feel left out with out one. So I'm back. More knitting stuff coming. There's been a lot of knitting.


  1. Hey, glad to see you're blogging again. :-) The dogs are cute!

  2. Such talent! Have you made anything for Barney yet??