Monday, September 22, 2008

2 At a Time

This weekend, a couple of friends and I drove 3+ hours north to Virginia to take Melissa Morgan-Oakes 2-At-a-Time sock class. I learned how to do 2 at a time on one 40" circular needle. I don't have single sock syndrome but I have had a couple of stockinette socks that didn't turn out to be the same size so I was hoping this would help correct that. The class was great. Melissa was very down to earth and a great teacher. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her, you should.

The weekend was a nice escape from the house. A long car ride that allowed me to knit for 3 hours on the way there, see a part Virginia I've not seen before, and see a part of North Carolina where I'm sure they have had or still do hold witch trials. Have you ever driven through an area that for no reason what-so-ever, gives you the heebeegeebees? I have no idea where we were but I was glad it was day-light. You didn't see many people but when you did they were all at one persons house. Town BBQ....maybe? Town lynching....maybe?

As for what's on the needles...I am working on a Waving Lace Sock from Interweave's Favorite Sock book, a Clapotis in Malabrigo Silky, a Noro Silk Garden cardigan, and I just started the Twilight pattern from 2-at-a-Time so I could get the technique down in my head. It is definitely fall.....lots of knitting....

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