Monday, February 9, 2009


Well I survived the dinner party. The food was done on time, liked by all, and our guests stayed longer than we thought...which was a good thing. My husband work's with a great bunch of people. We had lots of laughs.

Our dog Lily has had her surgery and is recovering well. She had the stone removed from the bladder, the bladder pulled back 2.5" into the abdomen and lots of tests and biopsies to determine where to go from here. The early test results show that she will need an alternate diet and a couple of urine tests a year but other than that she will be just fine. She is sporting a pretty bad haircut right now and I think she is a little self conscious about it. Her entire belly and up the body sides is shaved and one leg is shaved like a poodle. The kids think we should shave all her legs like that so she looks more balanced. I think she's been through enough. Her hair grows rapidly so in a few weeks she'll be back to her normal cuteness.

I'm still knitting like mad. Just finished a pair of Flat Feet socks (2 at-a-time) and they turned out great. I love using the Flat Feet for that method. It minimizes the tangling.

Yarn: Conjoined Creations Flat Feet
Pattern: Plain Vanilla Sock
Needle: 2.5
Sts: 60

I've cast on Ingenue from Custom Knits using Malabrigo Worsted in color Cognac. I can tell right now this will be my go-to winter sweater. I'm almost finished with the yoke. The weather here has turned warm so I may not be able to wear it until next year. I think it will be worth the wait.

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