Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it next week yet?

I tinked back the sweater just few rows to fix the minor error and I have decided to "cheat" on the cable error. Well, I am going to fix it using the cheat and then decide if I should rip back. I don't have it in me to do that now so it's on the table for this weekend.

In continuation of my "good fortune" (NOT!)this week...we have discovered that our dog Lily has a quarter sized stone in her bladder. That in itself is not a problem. It will require surgery to remove but it's the next part we didn't know. She has a pelvic bladder. Basically her bladder should be in her abdomen but instead it's in her pelvis. This does not allow her to fill her bladder up very much before she has to relieve herself. It is possible to pull the bladder back into the abdomen (so we are told) at 3x the cost of just having the stone removed. We'll meet with a Vet Surgeon next week to decide if we just do the stone removal or both.

Tomorrow we are having a dinner party here. Not my favorite thing to do. I don't mind casual dinners but we are cooking for DH's work friends. So I feel the need to cook something less casual and I feel obligated to clean the house. Both of those things I dread. I'm hoping my luck improves and the dinner we chose (which by the way we have never made before) turns out or we'll be eating out. :)

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