Friday, August 21, 2009

The Last Hurrah

Next week I will officially have both kids in school. I will have the house to myself. No preteen hanging around asking me to entertain her. In celebration of this event we were going to go camping but now the weekend looks, hot, rainy and humid. So instead we are staying home and relaxing. This means no household chores/projects. This means everyone sleeps in, a late morning big breakfast, going out for dinner, going to the pool (weather permitting), seeing a movie or two, etc. This summer has been full of homeowner projects that have taken up valuable family weekend time. Not this weekend...this is our last hurrah before volleyball, piano lessons, girl scout activities and lots of homework starts taking up all of our free-time. It should be fantastic.

I finished up my Seaweed Socks and they turned out great. The Ella Rae Lace Merino created a beautiful fabric with great stitch definition. The seaweed pattern is displayed nicely (other's have had issues with it). I used 2.25mm needles and made the medium size. They will definitely be a favorite pair.

I finished Eclipse and I have to say I'm still enjoying the series. It has been great summer reading. I also read Janet Evanovich's latest book and I'm done with her until she makes the last Stephanie Plum book. They are getting repetitious and not as funny. I also feel like within a book Janet is writing some chapters and a ghost writer writing others. I'd rather it just be consistent. To finish off my summer reading I'm reading the latest Debbie Macomber, Summer on Blossom Street and I just picked up from the library While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo. That should be enough fluff reading for the year.

Now to begin our lazy weekend with a nap....

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