Friday, September 4, 2009


After finishing Liesl and having nothing to work on I decided to use Ravelry to inspire me as what to knit next. I first came across turtlegirl76's Orion Socks. I love them and soon bought these to make my own pair from.

This is actually more of a chocolate brown with a hint of pink running through it.

I however neglected to notice that the sock pattern for these socks is now unavailable. These socks were designed for Sock Summit. I did not go to Sock Summit and that is a very sore subject around here so we won't discuss that. I still plan on making them but I need to work out the pattern first.

While working on that, Knitterly Things updated her website with the Chevron Love Mitten Kits. I ordered/received the Vintage Appliance colorway and so far I have this...

I'm very rusty knitting with 2 hands but they are coming along nicely. I definitely see more colorwork in the near future.

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