Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just finished Liesl. Overall I'm pretty pleased. I used just 2 skeins of Dream in Color Classy in the colorway Cinnamon Girl. I was worried about length of the sweater but the yarn did what everyone said, and grew enough to add 20% more length to the sweater. I also opted for the picot bind off which I would normally not do. I don't tend to knit/wear things that can seem too girly but I figured with a full lace sweater, "what the heck". It turned out very cute and I learned something new.

The sweater is still in need of some kind of closure but I'm not sure what that will be at this point. A button, shawl pin, eye and hook closure, tie...I can't decide. For the photo I just pinned it. I almost want to use something removable so I can switch from closing at chest to closing at neck.

This is my third completed sweater of the year. Yeah Me! I'm going to block my Nantucket Red sweater today and try to seam it up this week. I've told myself I couldn't start another sweater until that one is done. I hate seaming and it's very easy to let it just sit. Why I did a piece sweater I do not know. It should be nice though when complete.

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