Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Best WIP's

My best WIP's are now 13 and almost 11 years in the making. My 11 year old just graduated from 5th grade which ended the "elementary" years. I can't believe it went that fast. I've had 10 years of dance recitals, gymnastics, soccer, library story-times, softball, baseball, volleyball, piano, guitar, sleepovers, birthday parties, camps, American Heritage Girls, Girl Scouts, basketball, book fairs, school carnivals and fund raisers. I spent countless hours volunteering in the 4 different elementary schools we've attended in 3 states. Countless hours carpooling here and there. We've worn out one mini-van and bought another.It's been fun, trying, and tiring but I would do it all again if I could.

The middle school years are already upon us with my 13 year old. In fact the coming school year will be her last middle school year. I've already learned that middle schools don't need the help that the elementary schools do and I will have much more free time next year. However, middle school children need their parents more than ever. It's just a different adventure from here on out. Definitely more fun to do be had with my WIP's...


  1. Such a lovely post! Makes me think of my own little WIPs! :)