Friday, June 4, 2010

Spreadsheet Fun

So just because I had nothing better to do while I was waiting for the painter to arrive, I decided to spreadsheet out my stash. Come to find out I am the proud owner of 37,800 yards of yarn. I wasn't sure how to feel about that number so I computed how many skeins of yarn I own. I have 200 skeins!

Now I have been actively trying to destash and I thought I was making some (not great) progress but didn't realize how much I was still sitting on. 200 seems high and so does 37,800. So I then calculated out how many yards I knit in 2009. That total came out to 13,000! So I essentially have about 3 years worth of knitting in my stash. Is that good or bad? Do I need 3 years worth? What if I only had one years worth? What if I want to buy more? my head hurts. Conclusion: I basically need to keep destashing if I want more...I need to keep it under control. I'm sure that could be said for all aspects of life.

Well, I do have one FO for Friday. This was cute little knit and when I saw the sample at a LYS I thought I really had to make one. It was so soft and squishy. I was disappointed. It is soft and squishy but the yarn is extremely splitty (which I hate) and I did not have enough yarn in the skein to complete the pattern (pattern on skein wrap). I had to omit a row of bobbles and I ended up with only about 12 inches of yarn leftover. There was no gauge given for the pattern so I knit with the suggested needle size. I'm a tight knitter so I figured maybe the hat would be smaller but it wasn't. Finally, there was also a knot between every color change. Way too many issues for just one little skein of yarn.

Pattern: Sweetie Pie Hat
Yarn: Be Sweet Bambino Taffy
Needles: US 6
Size: 6-12 mo.


  1. It's so cute, too bad there wasn't enough yarn! are a brave woman, I don't wanna know how many yards I have ;)

  2. I wish I didn’t know either. I don’t know what makes me do those things. And sshhhh....don't tell my husband. :)

  3. cute hat & holy moly, that's a lot o' stash!