Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My last post said you would have to wait to hear what I was thankful for. Well I was supposed to be thankful for my girl's weekend in Vermont. I headed up to Vermont to visit friends. Some knew I was coming and some were surprised. I was attending a bag party Friday night and then we spent the next night at a friends house on the lake where we suprised her with an "adult" party for her birthday. These were all good things and I am thankful to have spent time with everyone, however it was soured by bad news from my house.

The Friday that I arrived in Vermont, one of our dogs Lily took a fall down the stairs. It was a bad fall that resulted in her being paralyzed. A few years ago we had surgery done on her bladder to move it into proper positioning and it was stapled to her abdomen walls. The fall caused the bladder to rip away and caused a lot of internal damage. We had to put her to sleep. She was only 3.

Lily (Dec06-Sept10)

Within one weeks time we had one of our birds die, Lily die, and then the fish died. How the kids survived all this I do not know. DH was amazing, handling everything while I was in Vermont. All attention is now focused on our dog Henry. He is a little lost right now without Lily but we are spoiling him rotten.


To recover, we all went camping this weekend. Surprising cool mornings sitting around a fire, warm afternoons playing in the lake, and family time teaching the kids to play Euchre. Just what the doctor ordered.


  1. oh, how awful. pets are like family members, it's devastating when they pass away. I'm so sorry!

  2. so sorry karin! i can see how tough it would be - we are going through some issues with olive right now..waiting to hear if the tumor found in her chest is cancer..the wait is so hard + the thought of losing her is so heartbreaking... sending all of you love + hugs :) - faun